Project History

- The first home was built for U. S. Army Sergeant Joshua Cope and family. Wounded in Iraq, SGT. Cope lost both legs above the knee in a roadside IED explosion, which killed two of his comrades. The   home was completed and dedicated Nov. 22, 2008.

2009- The second home was built for U.S. Army SPC Marcus Griffin and family. SPC Griffin was seriously injured in a house-to-house search in the small village of Buquaba in Iraq. The home was completed and dedicated on December 5, 2009.

2010- The third home was built for U.S. Army Sergeant Major Patrick Corcoran and his family. On August 13, 2009, SGM Corcoran suffered multiple serious injuries from an IED explosion in Afghanistan. The most debilitating injury was to his spinal column, which left him paralyzed from the waist down. A flag raising and home dedication ceremony was held June 4, 2011.                                                         

2011- Our fourth home was built for Staff Sergeant Jeffery Kelly and his family. Sergeant Kelly served three duty tours in Iraq and in 2008 while traveling in a convoy sustained serious leg injuries in a RPG and mortar attack The home was completed and dedicated August 11, 2012.Click to view video!

2013- Home at Last’s first Marine is Cpl Ronald “CJ” Barnes Jr and his wife Katy. Groundbreaking in February, a new child in March and then they will be coming “Home at Last” to a home in Oakland late in 2013. CJ stepped on a land mine during patrol in 2011 sustaining severe injuries, including the loss of both legs.

2014- Our sixth home was built for Marine Sergeant Stephen Tovet (Ret) and his wife Krystina.  Sargeant Tovet was wounded from an IED blast while on patrol in Helmand Province, Afghanistan, by a buried pressure plate on May 30, 2011 requiring amputation of his left leg, left hand, and lower right leg.

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